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If durability is your number one priority when it comes to getting a manicure, acrylic nails are for you. Acrylics are the perfect fix for brittle nails that tend to break and chip easily.

Acrylics are made to be customized. Show off your style or make a statement. You get to choose the shape, length and color of your acrylic nails. Plus, acrylics are the perfect canvas for nail art. Try out an edgy look with pointed, black stiletto nails or go for a classic square tip french manicure.

The durability of acrylics means that you’ll be able to go weeks without needing to repaint your nails, while still having a uniformity to your nails that will make them look freshly manicured every day.

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Regular Full Set $40
Pink & White Full Set $45up
Regular Refill $28
Pink & White Refill $30up