Keratin & Beautox

Keratin Treatment $120 – $170
Keratin treatment will give you smoother, straighter hair. It is a fantastic solution for frizz and can last longer than 4 months. Call Wapas to book an appointment or stop by. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Hair Beautox $120
Hair Beautox provides invaluable benefits for your hair. To learn more, call us or stop by our salon.

  • The 12 Benefits:

    • Provides long lasting moisture
    • Smoothes hair & controls frizz
    • Shields from environmental damage
    • Makes hair soft and manageable
    • Provides brilliant shine
    • Prevents color fading

    • Prevents split ends
    • Seals cuticle
    • Protects from heat damage
    • Detangles
    • UV protection
    • Repairs damaged hair